Get Well Baskets

What makes Well Baskets' get well baskets different?

Most get well baskets focus on the sentiment of expressing well wishes with minimal attention paid to the types of foods included in the basket. The typical get well basket includes cookies (unhealthful fats), candies (empty sugars), and chips (sodium, fat, empty calories)--none of which are going to help the recipient get better.

Well Baskets' get well baskets go beyond the sentiment and include only foods that are good for the body and helpful in aiding the recovery process. Our selections include antioxidant-, mineral-, and vitamin-rich fruits, nuts, and vegetables as well as healthier versions of traditional snacking favorites. Moreover, our get well baskets are available for specific illnesses such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes and include foods that are helpful in healing and easing symptoms associated with the particular disease, ailment, or condition.

Also, we only choose healing foods that also taste great, because the patient isn't going to recover with healthful foods if they aren't going to eat them!

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