Healthy Baskets

What is a healthy basket?

While we can't answer this question for other gift basket companies, a healthy gift basket from Well Baskets has to meet strict criteria for taste, healthfulness, and quality.

Every product we consider for our healthy baskets is evaluated for its health-promoting properties with special attention paid to ingredients and nutrition. Our healthful selections include antioxidant-, mineral-, and vitamin-rich fruits, nuts, and vegetables as well as healthier versions of traditional snacking favorites. Each healthy basket contains foods that are useful in nourishing the body and helping maintain or regain health and NEVER foods that contain hydrogenated oils, corn syrup, or artificial ingredients. Whenever possible, we also try to include products made with organic ingredients as these foods are better for the body and the environment.

Once a product passes our strict health standards, it is then taste-tested by our staff (who range from "foodies" to average Joes and Janes). Only those healthy foods that also taste great make their way into our healthy gift baskets.

We then group these healthful and delicious items into themes based on holidays, occasions, recipients, and health concerns and create a visually-stunning basket to delight your recipient. The result? A basket full of health that creates a beautiful, memorable gift.

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