HimalaSalt Himalayan Sea Salt

HimalaSalt Himalayan Sea Salt

Product Description

HimalaSalt™ is the Purest Salt on Earth™. HimalaSalt's crystals are hand-selected for the highest quality in color, clarity, and purity. They only use crystals that are clear, rose, or pale pink in color. The darker red chunks, while beautiful, are too high in minerals for daily consumption, stressing the kidneys. All of HimalaSalt's pink Himalayan sea salt crystals are hand-harvested from a protected source deep in the Himalaya Mountains, using centuries old artisan methods that do not include the modern practices of dynamite blasting or child labor.

Pure salt is the foundation of life, and is key to creating all major elements of the body. Today’s air, water, and soil are increasingly contaminated, presenting our bodies with new burdens and toxins unlike anything we’ve had to deal with before. It’s crucial to maintain a natural alkaline condition in order to metabolize and eliminate these substances, and to enjoy health, wellbeing, and longevity.

Many people today constantly feel tired, more susceptible to colds and viruses, and autoimmune diseases are on the rise. Low-level toxicity from myriad sources is challenging our natural capacity to detoxify, which in turn, weakens the body through an overly acidic condition of the blood and tissues. When this happens, a proliferation of yeast, fungus, bacteria, mold and deeper viruses move in, releasing their waste by-products into the cellular fluid which distributes it throughout the body, creating further acidification, leading to disease.

It is crucial to maintain a healthy acid-alkaline balance, which supports health, vitality, and restores the body's natural ability to heal. An ideal diet should consist of pure water, pure salt, in the form of HimalaSalt™, with dark green, yellow, and orange vegetables, beans, sprouted grains and nuts, and essential fatty acids. This natural way of eating reduces our susceptibility to toxins, helps detoxify the body, and revitalizes our natural energy and vitality.

Using HimalaSalt, the finest of all Himalayan sea salts, helps to:
  • Sharpens vital brain functions, improves mental clarity
  • Anti-aging; rids the body of acidic wastes that cause degeneration
  • Peaceful, relaxed quality of energy, better moods, positive thoughts
  • Ease cramps, constipation, digestive disorders
  • Regulates and purifies critical body fluid levels
  • Purifying, detoxifying to the blood
  • Stronger libido, sexual vitality, more vigor
  • Essential minerals replenishes vital electrolytes
  • Nutrients are absorbed more efficiently by the body

HimalaSalt™ is the first and only primordial Himalayan sea salt to be:
  • Kosher Certified
  • Sustainably Sourced, Naturally Packaged
  • Green-e Certified (made by 100% renewable wind and solar energy)
  • The Purest Grade Available
  • Hand-Harvested from a Protected Source
  • Stone-Ground to Retain Essential Minerals
  • All Natural, Unrefined, No Additives
  • Gorgeous Pink Color, Delicious, Full Flavor
  • Made by 100% Green-e Certified Wind and Solar Energy
  • 5% of Profits go to the Environment

Order includes 4 oz refillable grinder.

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